Artwork submission is sometimes a very frustrating part of our business.  We run the machines with vector based CorelDraw Software and are currently running version X7.  Although, other file types are acceptable and can be imported correctly.  The file types that will import correctly are ones based on a vector graphic format such as Adobe Illustrator.  Files created with other software can occasionally be converted into PDF format and imported into CorelDraw successfully.  We will look at these types of files on a case by case submission and determine if they will work. 

Files created with older versions of Corel and Adobe Illustrator will open correctly in Corel X6 so don't hesitate to use what you have or can get your hands on..!

Files types that we do not accept are AutoCad, Visio, Inkscape, Power Point, Photoshop, or any type of photo programs.  PDF's created out of these programs occasionally work but normally need to be recreated in CorelDraw to engrave properly.

If you can not submit your panel layouts in CorelDraw or an acceptable format and you still want us to produce a custom panel for you, you will need to work with an outside source.  We are no longer offering in house artwork setup services.

We do have an outside source that you can go to directly for artwork preparation and custom design logo work.  You can contact Joe at for more information about his services.  Going through this service may expedite your order and we can concentrate on laser engraving.

BNP Lasers assumes no responsibility with respect to the lawful or unlawful use of trademarks, registered trademarks or copyrighted materials.  Purchaser shall either own or obtain prior authorization from the appropriate company or individual(s) prior to the submission of any copyrighted or trademarked designs, artwork or graphics.  BNP Lasers assumes that you, the purchaser, are authorized to use the trademarks that you present to us, in any format, for reproduction and can provide written proof of such authorization if requested.  BNP Lasers will assume no liability in trademark or copyright disputes. Furthermore you, the purchaser, agree to compensate BNP Lasers for all actual costs, liabilities, attorney fees and any other expenses associated with any possible infringement action caused by you, the purchaser.

We appreciate your understanding and cooperation regarding these issues.

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